You will never feel the same way about telecoms again

Following its huge success in 2017, The Great Telco Debate returns on 29th November 2018.

Once again we will be bringing together some of the world's leading thinkers and players in the telecoms ecosystem.

If you're serious about telecoms, involved in strategy, product management, regulation, investment or business development, you should attend the most important conference on the future of the industry.

A summary document is available from the 2017 event. If you would like a copy, please email:
"I think it's important to attend because of the diversity of the participants. The format is something that is quite unique. The interaction, the ability to open up on different topics is quite special, and I think that people who attend get great value out of it."
Stephan Gatien, General Manager, Telecommunications Business, SAP
"It is such a unique and fresh format - I haven't seen anything like this in an analyst event before. The atmosphere was fantastic - everyone seemed engaged, there was a good measure of humour and the topics debated were spot on."
Joanna Gluzman, BT
"It's a very open debate. It's very challenging. It's one side against another, trying to decide where the consensus is and how we're going to get there. There aren't many conferences I go to that have that outcome. I have enjoyed this year and look forward to being here for many years to come."
Marcus Weldon, Bell Labs Nokia
"It's a very different format and very interactive. It's great to hear an exchange of opinions with end users, carriers, analysts and vendors. Time well spent."
Gabriele Di Piazza, VMware
"Refreshingly direct. Devoid of sales pitches, focussed and fast-paced."
Neil Pound, Juniper Networks
"Contrarian - Challenging - A modern take on key challenges."
Ken Jacobson, Dimension Data
"Very good event. Some very good speakers and high profile. Especially appreciate the discussion without too much of a sales pitch."
Steve Kingdom, Huawei
"I think an event like The Great Telco Debate is essential for us to examine some of the key questions regarding the intersection of technology and business. In one day you get a lot of information from some of the key experts in our industry. I strongly encourage people to attend this event."
Hossein Moiin, Advisor, Nokia
"What I really like about this event today is the familiar faces that I see around the room, plus some new people, and the open environment that's created to challenge all of our thinking."
Howard Watson, CEO BT, Technology, Service and Operations and Group CIO, BT
"The world is changing very quickly so we need to learn from each other and also have the chance to be together."
Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Orange
"Great event bringing together industry experts to tackle and debate some key gritty subjects."
Jamie Pine, Virgin Media
"The Great Telco Debate really is a debate. You have interaction, not broadcasting. You meet people, you meet analysts one on one and you meet service providers. I think the event plays a very important role because we can be quite informal here to be honest, discuss and debate. People are ready to challenge which is what this industry needs if we are going to be successful long term."
Ulf Ewaldsson, Head of Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson

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