Provisional Programme

In a single day we will cover many of the dynamic aspects of the telecoms industry, debating the range of possibilities facing the telcos, suppliers, regulators and other interested parties. All hosted by industry veterans Chris Lewis and Graham Wilde, supported by a whoop of fellow independent industry analysts.

Each of the six debate will be preceded by 'expert witnesses' sharing their perspective on the subject before we introduce the motion, speak briefly for and against, and open up the discussion to the floor.

The day will also include:
  • Fireside chat with Howard Watson CTO BT: Balancing the demands of the board, lines of business and shareholders whilst building the next generation programmable platform

  • C-level panel with telco executives from Colt, Orange, Telefonica and PCCW Global: What are the key issues shaping the discussion around the Telco boardroom? Innovation, transformation, competition and the relative role in the emerging economy will all be discussed.

Debate 1 - The role of the telco in the broader digital economy

Should telecoms players simply invest in the optimal network combining fixed and mobile, or should they spread their wings embracing areas such as banking and insurance, media and content. In this debate we will take input from an economist, Ofcom and Softbank as it looks to spend its IPO income.

Debate 2 - Progress in softwarising and virtualising the worlds Telcos

Is softwarising the telco an existential issue? Leveraging virtualisation, cloud scale and getting away from a hardware-centric industry represents a major shift for Telcos. In this debate we will hear from a web scale provider and Reliance Jio on their next wave of investment

Debate 3 - Challenging the incumbent by building fibre-based access

Alternate network builders are filling the fibre gap. In this debate we will hear from competitive/alternate network providers about how they see the landscape for investment. Local, national and international fibre builds are rife but what are the business models in play?

Debate 4 - Analytics, Machine Learning and the Edge

The sheer volume of data sloshing around the telecoms network can sit in a lake, but what format should it be in? Relational or Semantic databases or should it be analysed in real-time at the edge (wherever that may be?).

In this debate we will hear from an academic working in analytics and a new entrant looking to exploit the edge of the network and the power of analytics.

Debate 5 - Industry 4.0 meets 5G but where does it leave the Telcos?

Will the next wave of industrial development kick-start the move to 5G? In this debate we will hear from Nokia and their experience with other industries as they look to benefit from the next generation of connectivity services along with Vodafone and their perspective on how the IOT market is evolving in the industrial community.

Debate 6 - Security impacts everything but how can it generate revenue?

Security plays a key role at every link in the digital ecosystem but securing the perimeter of a business is no longer achievable. In this debate we will hear from a Chief Security Officer from a Telco about the challenges of securing the network, devices and all of the activities that it touches. We will also get the supplier perspective on how security is evolving and where money can be made as well as providing a comfort blanket for all stakeholders.

Analyst perspectives

In addition to the above, independent analysts will provide us with food for thought on how things like Blockchain, Security, Quantum Computing, and doubtless other topics should be considered as catalysts of change for the future telco.